“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5


Medical Facility Waiting Room

Medical Office Lobby

With the need to present a professional health facility against best value for money, healthcare renovation and construction depends on experience, tight schedules and a clear understanding of project management as it relates to the health industry. Doctors must consider their patient demographic and the image they want to project against cost factors that will impact their bottom line.

Whether it’s an up-market location for out-patient procedures, a soothing environment for a mental health practice, a large medical building facelift, or a pediatric facility with unique consideration for the tiniest patients, QC Commercial Construction is one of the leading remodeling teams in North Georgia that medical specialists turn to.

Medical Practice Examination Room: Dust control system during reno for sterile setting; Universal design considerations - wider entryways, slip resistant flooring; Time management issues during remodel; Medical facility in use during remodel

Medical Practice Examination Room

Medical Facility Renovations

Remodeling a medical facility is often undertaken while day-to-day business is conducted. QC Commercial Construction has the flexibility to ensure that health care is not compromised during renovation and that the care and privacy requirements of each patient are strictly upheld. With our 90% Dust Removal system, and the acute attention given to the health of our clients and to our crews, we ensure that renovation will never interfere with health.

We pay special attention to creating medical examination rooms that have higher standard sound proofing techniques than the average office facility. We specialize in undertaking plumbing and electrical requirements that complement each examination room for video displays, light-boxes, imaging needs, medical staff and patient hygiene as well as creating collaboration space and private offices for medical staff.

Ultrasound Scanning in the x-ray lab

Ultrasound Scanning

Consider QC Commercial Construction as part of your medical team.  We conduct a safe environment, and adhere to stringent OSHA laws.

As a true partner to the medical team, we work with you to establish:

  • A budget
  • Site specifications
  • Office space requirements for staff and patients
  • Design needs and impact analyses