“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5

Element-ary Protection: The Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance and Repair

Obviously, everyone knows a roof is the most important factor in protecting us from the elements: wind, rain, hail, snow, and heat. What everyone might not know is it’s also the most vulnerable part of your commercial building.

Your roof is constantly exposed to weather and other elements that contribute to its decay and deterioration. This constant exposure to your roof increases the risk of damage to it every day. The International Building Code (IBC), which sets safety standards, requires that roofs “serve to protect the building.”

Meeting that requirement starts with the design, materials selection, and installation, but it also includes a regular process of inspection and maintenance. Having a proactive process can prolong the useful life of your roof and make sure it continues to protect your business.

Recognizing Roofing Problems

If it’s been awhile since your last inspection, your priority should be to identify any significant problems.

Signs of serious problems can include water stains on a ceiling that may signal a leak, which can be caused by a crack in the roof. It’s important to know that even the smallest leak can be a major warning sign. If the building has mold or odors inside, this may indicate a roof leak resulting in water infiltration.

In most cases, hire a contractor to make sure the job is done safely and correctly. Even if you do hire a professional, understanding the problems identified in this article will help you comprehend the significance of what he or she has identified.

Commercial Roofing Care and Maintenance

The easiest way to avoid roofing problems and improve weather resistance is by regularly caring for and maintaining your roof. In most cases when a problem is identified, proper maintenance will allow for repair, not replacement.

The frequency of necessary inspections depends on several factors such as the age of the roof, recent weather, and any unique conditions to your building. Generally, it’s best to schedule an inspection every six months. For example, schedule one for the Fall and then one again in Spring to keep track of the condition of your roof.

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