“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5


Church Interior and Exterior RemodelingChurches are more than just a place of worship; they serve as a central hub that promotes a sense of community, helping to make neighbors feel welcome and engaged. Churches rely on their flexible architectural style, and interior and exterior design features to affect how people interact during worship, play, study and work.

Each church brings its own unique design style to create warmth and closeness for its members. Formerly, churches used dimmed, subdued lighting, simple woodwork and wooden flooring to create a sense of awe and solemnity.

Our church renovation services can handle any and all updates or changes that your community church needs.

Interior Changes

Today, churches bravely embrace large modern windows, bright lighting, moving walls to accommodate growth, and flooring that takes into account the differing needs of multi-generational age groups and physical challenges. Churches have become educational centers with large meeting rooms, tiered seating, state-of-the-art intercom, video, and speaker systems. They are utilized for their fully equipped gymnasiums and sports centers with showers, and they have become a safe haven where smaller children can be entertained and educated while their parents engage in other functions.

Exterior Changes

As churches grow to suit their members, new satellite additions emerge to house administrative staff, schools, gyms and family life centers. These buildings complement the overall feel of the principal building although they have probably been constructed at later dates than the original structure. A careful, knowledgeable, quality commercial general contractor takes into account all of these changing needs.

Sloped safe walkways with handrails, larger entrances for easy access, clear signage and smart LED lights that provide a good ROI are hallmark statements for the new, modern church.

Whether it is fellowship halls for community events or small sanctuaries for peaceful contemplation, your general contractor must have a wealth of skills and a good knowledge of the changing face of community within North Georgia.