“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5


4 Things to Keep in Mind with a Commercial Renovation Project

Whether you’re looking to build a new store or building, build-out or renovate an office space, or upgrade your medical facility, QC-Commercial Construction can help you with all your construction needs. As a leading commercial general contractor in Marietta, GA, we handle numerous tenant improvement projects, including tenants moving into existing commercial spaces and those…
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Tenant Build-Outs: Helpful Tips for Selecting a Commercial General Contractor

For business owners, finding and selecting the right commercial general contractor for their tenant improvement or new construction is a vital process. It’s all too common when making the selection only to look at the bottom line and focus on pricing. However, there is a fundamental problem with that approach. Would you trust your surgery…
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Living Walls: What You Need to Know About Designing Your Office with Plants

Landscaping. A well used term that calls to mind beautiful, eye-catching design with plants and contours that dramatically improve the exterior spaces of a building. However, have you heard of  interiorscaping? This refers to walls of colorful plants (referred to as living walls) that look stunning and attract serious attention.  That's why they .... They…
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